The Surrey Police Board will play an important leadership role in designing, building and operationalizing a world-class police service. Once Surrey Police Service (SPS) is established, the Board will continue to play a key role in citizen engagement, community outreach and representing the community.   

To guide this process, the Board has developed and approved a Police Board Governance Manual to describe the Board’s policies in carrying out its governance responsibilities under the Police Act, related to the stewardship of Surrey Police Service.  

The Board Manual provides guidance on the roles and authorities of, and division of responsibilities among, the Province, the City, the Board, Board Chair and Vice Chair, Board members, Board Committees, and the Chief Constable within the parameters of the Police Act. It also describes the Board’s processes with respect to its oversight responsibilities, sets out how the Board will communicate with and be accountable to its stakeholders and partners, and describes expected standards of conduct of Board members.

Download the Board Manual 


Chief & Deputy Chief Compensation Policies

The total compensation for SPS leadership is based on five fundamental components: base pay, other paid time (i.e., time off in lieu of overtime), salary progression (movement through the established salary band over time based on performance), benefits and vacation.

This total compensation package structure is consistent with other police departments across Canada. Learn more:

Download the Chief Constable Compensation Policy

Download the Deputy Chief Constable Compensation Policy


Surrey Police Service Policies 

Please visit the Surrey Police Service website to view SPS policies.